Hey..It’s June

It’s been a while since I updated my last post. I am just busy with my routine job and preparing these package stuffs for Halim & Mazni. What makes me feel so relieved is that their album is now 98% complete – I’ve done the editing & the custom album layout has been sent for printing.. and I can say that I have achieved my target – to finish up all my pending jobs before June.. Why?

As you know.. it is a school holiday during June…and I am fully booked for all weekends in June..Alhamdulillah.. owh yeah, my youngest brother is getting married on the 27th.. So, I would like to invite anyone who knows me to come to my house on that day… save the date okay… 27th June 2010. Will share the address & map later 🙂

Ok.. enough in English. Let me share in Malay after this…

Sebenarnya, aku dah up entri ni..tapi atas kesilapan sendiri, aku ter’replace’ dgn entri “JEMPUT DATANG YE :)”
Aku ade berceloteh sebenarnya pasal pakej fotografi APAIPICTURES yang baru dan sebab-musabab harga baru ni diperkenalkan… Tapi sebab aku x sempat save sume statement aku td, maka aku x dpt la nk ulang balik ape hujah2 aku.

Dipendekkan cerita, kat bawah ni adalah pakej aku yang terbaru.. saiz custom album tidak lagi 8′ x 12′ , tapi 10′ x 12′
Aku x paparkan harga kat pamplet baru ni ye..just contact aku untuk tanya pasal harga pakej..kira on on-demand quotation 🙂

Klik bawah kalau nk download pakej :-


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